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Fader Robert Barron skriver om superhjältar och dess likhet med Jesus, om att frestas att missbruka sina krafter och om synd som våra försök att greppa efter kunskap vi inte är mogna att hantera.

”What is it about these stories – and the Spider-Man tale in particular – that fascinate us? May I suggest that it has something to do with Christianity; more precisely, with the strange hybrid figure around which all of the Christian religion revolves. St. Athanasius’s most significant contribution to the Christological debates of the early centuries of the Church’s life was a soteriological argument for the dual nature of Jesus. In the saint’s pithy formula: Only a human being could save us; and only God could save us. If Jesus were only divine – as the Monophysites argued – then his saving power wouldn’t be truly applied to us. If he were only human – as the Arians and Nestorians argued – then he could not really lift us out of the morass of sin and guilt in which we find ourselves mired. In a word, salvation was possible only through a God-man, someone in the world but not of it, someone like us in all things but sin, and at the same time utterly unlike us.”

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