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”History is and should always be our favored place to meet our Lord, our God. Although it is a land of scandal, even if it is a land in which we often see maybe even the silence of God or apostasy of men”.

”Hope is the central virtue to understanding that history is not a series of meaningless events, but as we see in the book of Job, it is controlled by God’s overriding project”.

”Through hope, we are certain that we are not at the mercy of fate, an imponderable fate. Our God is defined in Exodus 3 with the first person pronoun ‘I’ and the fundamental verb ‘I am’. So, He is a Person who acts, who enters into events and that’s why our relationship with God is a relationship of trust, dialogue, contact. Yes, our hope springs from the belief that history is not a succession of events without meaning.”

– Kardinal Ravasi (länk här)