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”Tro mig, denna sommar duger det inte att behålla fattningen. Den här säsongen är det affekten, avskyn, föraktet, glåporden – för den som så önskar, det fysiska våldet – som gäller. Allt annat är sååå 2013. Välkommen till The summer of hate.”

– Johan Hakelius, ur krönika i Aftonbladet här.

”Denial of God does not eliminate transcendency but diverts it from the au-delà to the en-decà. The imitation of Christ becomes the imitation of one’s neighbor. The surge of pride breaks against the humanity of the mediator, and the result of this conflict is hatred.”

– René Girard, ur Deceit, Desire and the Novel

”Freud is of little use as a guide over this terrain. So, for that matter, is Nietzsche, who reserves his resentment for the ‘weak’ while trying vainly to establish a distinction between this resentment and a truly ‘spontaneous’ desire, a will to power that he can claim as wholly his own but that is in reality nothing more than the ultimate expression of cumulative resentment*.”

– René Girard, ur Violence and the Sacred

* Om ressentiment